Competition Pommel Horse FIG APPROVED


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1. The Pommel Horse body is made of high temperature molded wood padded with foam and covered with leather, length attop 160 cm, width at top 35 cm, height 28cm.
2. Columns are welded 75 mm * 125 mm high quality rectangular tube.
3. Lifting rods are made of 50 mm * 100 mm high quality rectangular tube with treated surface to increase the flexibility. 4. Base are welded 3 mm high quality steel plate, with four wheels.
5. Pommels height is 12cm, body height adjustable between 95 cm – 125 cm with increment of 5cm.
Features: Special leather to ensure moisture absorption, high performance foam and molded inner tube prevent injury from the long term training. Surface is baking varnish (silver). Weight is 76 kg. Consists of pommels, body, columns and base. Protective padding for competition optional.